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With over 20 years' experience of working in the Middle East, Mandy & Adrian appreciate the culture and values of the region and its emerging potential. They have seen the region's rapid growth and quickly recognised that healthcare was going to be a significant market. The OHR brand acknowledges the impact of the local culture, its diverse nature and its unique requirements and we believe that these should remain at the forefront of our working relationships and principles.

Today, healthcare professionals are being sought throughout the Middle East where they have developed their own independent healthcare infrastructures and are providing world class facilities. This has created many jobs in brand new settings which are highly paid and that come with many extra benefits. OHR gives health professionals with the right credentials the opportunity of working and living in an area of the world where their expertise is recognised as being the best - as well as the chance to work under very different conditions to those they may currently work under; where patients come first and their care is paramount.

"Finding highly skilled consultants is a tough challenge. OHR have been professional throughout and continue to provide us with high quality candidates. I’m very happy to recommend them."

Dr Reema Al Hammadi, Director of Medical Affairs, Al Hammadi Hospitals - Riyadh

OHR for Candidates

At OHR, we offer a bespoke service to connect senior healthcare professionals with the high-level facilities of the Middle East. With a proven track record and an excellent reputation, we pride ourselves on creating respectable, long-lasting relationships with our candidates and we work hard to ensure we best represent each candidate to secure them an outstanding opportunity to suit their individual needs. Indeed, OHR are also aware of the importance of thriving on both work and social opportunities and with continued support, we can ensure their time in the Middle East is one they never regret.

OHR for Clients

With specialist experience in identifying highly skilled and extremely well qualified Western professionals, OHR are able to provide our clients with the best possible candidates. We strive to understand the individual requirements of each region, facility and opportunity so that we can provide an excellent service that targets only the specific requests that are required to recruit the right people in order to give the care that all patients deserve. With access to the Western market, alongside a variety of high level professionals worldwide, we have global contacts that suit the needs to each and every client. We regularly visit all of our clients in person and firmly believe that good partnerships can only be built on long-term business relationships.

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Our Team



Mandy created OHR based on her passion for the healthcare industry combined with her love of the Middle East, its culture and the great opportunities the region presents. As the head of the company, Mandy works hard to ensure that everyone involved with OHR enjoys the experience and the successes OHR brings.


Director and Vice Chairman

Adrian, our trusty negotiator and advisor, co-founded OHR using his 20+ years experience of doing business in the Middle East. A massive fan of the Middle Eastern culture, he is able to mix his business with pleasure - just the way he likes it!



Howard, as CEO of OHR, structures the business so that we can give the very best service to our clients and our candidates. He is currently focussed on our rapid expansion across the Middle East and Asia and building in-country operations to provide OHR services where our customers are based. Howard is based in Dubai but always on a plane!


Senior Administrator

Abbi, our Senior Administrator, is involved with all aspects of the recruitment process; from receiving the initial CVs, to liaising with clients and everything in-between. Outside of work, Abbi enjoys a busy London lifestyle and loves travelling with her family.


Account Manager

Josh, as Account Manager, works closely with representatives in region and with our ever growing client base to ensure he keeps both our clients and candidates best interests at heart. Josh enjoys a variety of sports in his free time and has a keen interest in music.


Account Manager

Angela, our licensing specialist, effectively guides our candidates throughout the application process. She assists candidates with the steps required to obtain their visa and license to practice throughout their chosen destination. She enjoys the challenge this role presents her and when away from her desk, Angela finds relaxation on the ballroom dance floor.


Admin Assistant

With expertise in communication and customer service, Aimee can be found behind the scenes delivering admin management and providing support to applicants in the early stages of their job search. She is passionate about ensuring all the necessary steps are taken, helping to make the application process run as smoothly as possible. Aimee has a passion for books and reading.

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