Registration to Practice – obtaining your Professional License:

If you are keen to work in the Middle East then we would strongly suggest you begin the licensing application process now!

Countries in the Gulf region are increasingly requesting to receive CV’s from those medical professionals who have already obtained their registration or are in the process of applying. Preference is often given to those who have already completed this process and without having even started it, many will find they are not eligible to apply, particularly within the UAE.

Why Should You Begin the Registration Process?

  • Ensures you meet the client criteria of already obtaining your license or are in the process of doing so – many clients in the UAE will not review CV’s that do not meet their usual criteria
  • The licensing process takes some months to complete. By completing the Dataflow Report you will reduce the registration time by 2-4 months, something the clients are keen to see
  • From the client’s perspective this demonstrates your commitment to work in the region
  • Clients are usually more than happy to refund these costs should they offer you a position
  • Obtaining your licence will increase your opportunities

Stages of Registration:

  • Dataflow report: an international organisation which checks your qualifications and credentials. It is the initial step before registration with the medical health authority issuing your medical license. All health authorities require this report before issuing a license. We advise ALL candidates to apply for their Dataflow Report immediately:

    Dataflow Group Websiteopen_in_new
  • Registration in the UAE: once the Dataflow report is complete you will be eligible to apply to one of the medical authorities within the UAE, either Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). These licenses are transferable between authorities:

    Dubai Health Authority Websiteopen_in_new
    Health Authority Abu Dhabi Websiteopen_in_new
  • Eligibility Letter: once you have completed the registration process you will be awarded an ‘eligibility letter’. The eligibility letter enables you to commence work immediately you receive a job offer from a facility in the UAE.
  • Registration in Other Countries: countries outside of the UAE will register candidates after a job offer has been confirmed. However, applying for your Dataflow Report is recommended.

Understanding if your Qualifications meet the UAE Eligibility Criteria:

To obtain a Medical Licence in the UAE there are strict criteria which make you eligible to practice. There
are minimum qualifications and experiences for individual countries across the world and are referenced in the Professional Qualification Requirements (PQRs) open_in_new.

(Please Note: Dubai has another medical authority in Dubai Healthcare City, in Healthcare freezone, with slightly different eligibility criteria which you can find on the DHCR Websiteopen_in_new)

YouTube Links to Assist with Applications:

Dubai Health Authority Registration (DHA):

Health Authority of Abu Dhabi Registration (HAAD):

Prometric Exam - Instructions for Applying:

Instructions on the DHA Website open_in_new

Prometric Website open_in_new

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